• It´s the first event, in Portugal, dedicated exclusively to sparkling wines, having it's third edition in May 30, 2020
  • An event that celebrates the essence of national and international sparkling wines, where people can contact with some of the best producers, and taste their wines to feel their characteristics and what distinguishes them
  • Selected producers exhibition
    • A public show of national and international sparkling wines producers
  • Sparkling Wine and Food Pairings:
    • The Brut Experience organization will invite experts on every thing that goes well with sparkling wine, from oysters and other sea food till ham, cecina and sausages. There will be no lack of bread and sweets
  • Thematic Workshops
    • Sparkling wine and food pairings;
    • Special tastings about Great Sparkling Wines of the World.
  • "à la Brut" Dinner
    • A special menu created for sparkling wines